Millennium Development Goals, Ensuring a Good Future


Planning plays an important role in our life as it is the major element which ensures your success. Whether it is your personal life or professional, planning is needed everywhere. It not only helps you to know about your mistakes but also provides you assurance that your future will be better than your present. When we take planning to much bigger level then it becomes a need as you do not have any other option to achieve your goals.

Different countries, in fact group of countries combine together and do planning to ensure a better future not only for themselves but also for the other nations. Millennium development goals are just one example of planning future. It is a set of specific goals and objectives made by all 193 United Nations member states and their minimum of 23 international organizations. There are a total of 8 millennium development goals and the target of these organizations is to achieve all these goals till 2015.

The basic purpose behind making millennium development goals was to improve the conditions of some of the poorest countries of the world as they needed support and assistance from other countries in order to survive in this world. The two most common issues which were kept in mind while making millennium development goals include economic and social issues. There are various other factors that are considered while developing these goals. All these 8 goals are mentioned below in order to get an overview of the basic concept behind them.

  1. Eliminate excess poverty and hunger
  2. Accomplish the target of universal primary education
  3. Encourage and support gender equality and to empower women
  4. Decrease the child death rates
  5. Enhance maternal health
  6. Fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria, and various other diseases
  7. Achieve environmental sustainability
  8. Introduce and promote global partnership to ensure development.

All these millennium development goals were introduced at Millennium summit 2000 and they were made from the Millennium Declaration formed by the United Nations. These goals are big enough so they also required huge amount of revenues as you cannot achieve any set goals without using financial resources. web site design For this purpose, G8 Finance Ministers decided to gave the required funds to World Bank in June, 2005. Moreover, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the African Development Bank (ADB) also canceled some additional debt of $40–55 billion to be paid by the members of those poor countries who were under huge debts so that these countries can stabilize by improving their basic infrastructure.


Nations Development Program, a Roadmap towards Success


Nations Development Program


The progress of an individual depends on the progress of his country as it is our country which provides us opportunities to excel and grow both personally as well as professionally. We require a basic infrastructure such as an efficient transportation system education system, health sector etc to achieve our goals. Every nation strives hard to provide a quality life to its people. A standard living includes all the basic necessities to be provided either at cheap rates or free of cost. Nations development program helps a nation to identify allocate and utilize the resources in an efficient manner.

Nations development program is a very broad term as it comprises of various educational, healths, security and various other plans and strategies designed to ensure the success and prosperity of the nation. Rf test socket Every nation introduces a development program by keeping in mind its available resources (human resources as well as financial resources) but this is purely an internal matter of the nation and it fully depends on the governing bodies of every nation that how it develop these plans and how they implement and control them effectively.

Apart from this, United Nations have introduced a United Nations Development Program (UNDP). This program is relatively different from the nation programs mentioned above as it is made not to stabilize a single country but a large number of countries throughout the global. You may say it is a global development network whose main purpose is to bring countries closer to each other so that they may use the knowledge experience and resources of one another to help in achieving a better life for their people. It means this program is in the mutual benefit of all the countries who take part in it. Currently United Nations development program is actively operating in a total of 177 countries. web design johor bahru These nations develop individual programs for the prosperity and growth of their economy and then take support from people of United Nations development program and also all its partners.

This program has brought revolution in a large number of countries by providing basic necessities including food, shelter and clothing to them. Not only this, various measures are taken to boost up the economy of these countries so that they can be able to provide a quality living to their people. In short, this program provides full assistance to the underdeveloped or poor nations of the world.


Human Development Programs, Do They Really Work?

In the past, we usually preferred developing financial or natural resources. All the organizations as well as countries used to invest in various natural resources as it was a general concept that you can only get success if you have efficient natural and financial resources. With the passage of time, it was realized that there is something else as well, which is needed for the long term success and prosperity as a large number of those organizations collapsed which were having huge amount of financial as well as natural resources. and After this down fall, organizations started to realize the importance of human resource. Previously, the labors or employees were just considered workers who are the part of a company but then they were given the name of human resource. Now days, companies spend s huge amount of their money on adding and improving their human resource team. Human development programs are arranged to provide required training to the employees.

Although different people use different words to define or explain the concept behind human development programs but their core idea is same. Human development programs are the programs specially designed to develop the human beings. Here the main keyword is DEVELOP so we should know its actual meaning. Developing human beings here mean grooming them in order to make them better than their ancestors in every aspect.

Human resource is considered as a major asset of any country or organization. Consider a country or any organization without human resource. You cannot run a country even for a single day without the help of human resource but this des no mean you just require human resource. In fact, only that people are considered in human resource that has the required skills and abilities.

Human development programs are arranged to increases the productivity of human beings and to make them an efficient and useful member of the economy. The productivity or development of human beings is judged by their education, current health condition, current financial conditions, social status etc. ecommerce website design If the average education level or income or social status or standard of living of people increases with the passage of time then it means they are developing with time, otherwise it shows that they have not adopted changes with the passage of time and their mental development is not increasing. The role of a country or organization to which human resource belongs to is very important as it is the one which provides them incentives to grow and excel. Human development programs are now offered in various universities as well.


Sustainable Development Programs in Current Scenario

In the last few decades, especially after the industrial revolution, our mother earth as well as our surrounding environment such as forests, ozone layer etc suffered a lot. It is only due to our carelessness as the processes and materials we used for manufacturing were damaging to our surroundings. Not only this, we have crossed all the limits by misusing or overusing various resources. Here, I am particularly talking about natural resources such as oil. We kept on using these resources without any limit. The result is that these natural resources are about to end and there is nothing left for our future generations. Just think for a while that what message we are giving to our future generations that we do not concerned about them and we do not care about their needs. pulau perhentian Thanks to those people who have finally taken some solid steps to save their natural resources. You must have heard the word sustainable development before. This word has become popular in the 21st century.

Sustainable development is an approach which emphasizes on minimum or limited use of resources by the people so that they can be saved for our future generations. Sustainable development has now become a big challenge of 21st century as it is very difficult to change the habits or mode of living. Although scientists are striving hard to arrange alternative means but still there is a need to create awareness among the people about sustainable development. Sustainable development programs are designed for this purpose. Tioman Island The main purpose of these programs is to not only educate people about sustainable development but also move them to such a life style where they use resources carefully without providing any harm to our environment and mother earth as our survival lies in the survival or existence of natural resources as well as earth itself which is providing these resources to us.

A large number of universities have now started sustainable development programs in order to spread knowledge about sustainable development among maximum number of individuals. These programs are offered from small to large level. Sustainable development programs include research, teaching and decision support work related to sustainable development so that people can get insight information about it. A large number of organizations are also fulfilling their corporate social responsibility by giving emphasis on sustainable development. In fact, some of the organizations have practically adopted it by using environment friendly processes and materials.

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